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This page is a collection of messages that appear when adding a comment. Each time someone starts writing a comment to a page, one of these messages appears above the comment field.

The purpose of these messages is to encourage the writer to pause for a moment before writing, especially if excited or angry, so she can take a breath and write what she actually means and not what flows out of a passing emotional turbulence. Therefore it is better to put here messages that promote insight or connection, and not messages that teach or explain.

The messages should be very short – only a few words – so they will be read even by someone immersed in phrasing a response, and also to avoid overflowing the available space.

Everybody needs a hug hug
What separates us is what unites us
A smile is free yet priceless happy
Have a happy day! cool
Still Water Runs Deep
What have you done today for yourself?
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