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The chiq_chaq distribution contains English and Hebrew page skins (templates), default content, and configuration files (version 1.5 also has German). The file chiq.cf is the English configuration file and the file heb.cf is the Hebrew configuration file.

To localize chiq_chaq for a different language, do the following:

  1. Translate the skins.
    You can find the English skin files in the directory $root_cc_dir/English. Create a new directory for your language (e.g., $root_cc_dir/Urdu) and put the translated skins there.
    Be sure not to change words preceded by the $ sign (for example $title) as these are place-holders for the dynamic content of the page.
    Note that the variables $locale and $charset in the skin file phrases.cf should match an available locale on your system and the character set you actually use, respectively.

  2. Edit cgi-bin/chiq.cf to use your language.
    You will need to change the value of the configuration variable $interface_language to your language. E.g.,
    $interface_language = 'Urdu';
    Alternatively, create a new configuration file, in order to create a new group in your language. Use the example of cgi-bin/heb.cf to see how to do that.

  3. Create for your language a subdirectory of $root_cc_dir/users.
    For example: $root_cc_dir/users/Urdu . This is where the users names are saved. Make sure to set its permissions to allow the web server to write there.

  4. Translate the group's pages.

Please consider distributing your localization for other people to use. You can send it to yonat@users.sourceforge.net for distribution, or upload it yourself at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=12060&atid=312060

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