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where there is freedom, things tend to come to some balance. (in free_site)
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This page contains teasers from other pages in the site. Whenever someone views a page, one of these teasers is selected and shown at the top of that page. The purpose is to lure people into pages that they would otherwise miss, either because the discussion in them has faded and they do not appear on the Recent_Changes, or because the page title is not attractive enough.

You are welcome to add new teasers using the Add comment area below, or to edit existing teasers. Note that a good teaser will lure the reader to read more, and not necessarily something "important" or "true" that can be perceived as preaching or advertizing. To lure someone, you need to put something that attracts them and not you.


You can see how the teaser will look when shown at the top of the Add comment are below.
where there is freedom, things tend to come to some balance.
in free_site
like speech that leaves your mouth and anybody can do with it whatever they like.
in terms_of_use
This is the only way it can live.
in online_help
Try to let go and not scratch the other side's itches.
in good_chiq_chaq_citizen
Any language locale supported by your server can be used to create link words.
in Internationalization_and_localization
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