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There are a few formatting options that do not appear in the online_help, since they were created for specialized sites and are not relevant for most users:

  1. Titles can be specified by writing a line between "=" marks:
    === Title ===
    == Subtitle ==

  2. Mathematic notation like superscripts, subscripts and greeks has a special emphasis-like markup:
    3 ^2^ + 4 ^2^ = 5 ^2^ becomes 3 2 + 4 2 = 5 2
    a ~n+1~ = a ~n~ + a ~n-1~ becomes a n+1 = a n + a n-1
    `D` v = `D` x / `D` t becomes D v = D x / D t
    Note that this kind of formatting works like *bold* and _italics_ so there must be a non-word character before and after that mark (this means that 3^2^ will not work).

  3. To escape linking and conversion to HTML, put the text inside double-curlies, like {{not_linked}}.
    If you want source code syntax highlighting, put the double curlies in separate lines, and specify the
    language after the opening double-curlies:
    <a name="here">comment</a>and there<p>

    The language definitions are in FormatCode.pm, and you are welcome to add more languages or improve the ones implemented: Perl, MSVC (MS-flavored C++), HTML, SQL, JScript and VBScript.
    To change the colors, see the class cccode and its nested classes in chiq.css and chiq-rtl.css.

  4. (version 1.8 or later) You can format special messages by delimiting them between + signs:
    +important message+ becomes important message
    Note that this kind of formatting works like *bold* and _italics_ so there must be a non-word character before the start and after the end + sign.

  5. Chiq_Chaq adds a special entry to the %implicit_external_links map: '?' is used to make searches in the current chiq_chaq web. For example, ?:foo links to a full text search of "foo" in the current chiq_chaq web.

  6. Sequences of 12 or more short lines are arranged into columns. For this to work, the lines must be shorter than 49 characters, and must not be adjacent to a longer line. A horizontal rule (a line with "---") can be used as a separator to cut the sequence of short lines.

  7. Email addresses are automatically mangled when Chiq_Chaq suspects that it is serving a bot and not a legitimate user.

  8. links to specific comment-sections can be specified using the notation Some_Page(iso-date). For example: Chiq_Chaq_Teasers (2002-07-24T04:06) becomes Chiq_Chaq_Teasers (Wednesday, July 24, 2002, 04:06). To easily find the correct way to link, click on "link" on the end of a comment title (next to "delete" and "move").

  9. Collapsible/expandable sections like the following:
Expandable section – click the + sign to expand
Some content.
Displayed only on expansion.
can be spcified using the following notation:

Collapsed content

Expanded content

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