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Glen_Gilchrist (Sunday, September 21, 2003, 16:59):

Glen Gilchrist

Web site to implement wiki: http://www.flash-card-store.co.uk

Angie_Jacques (Monday, March 29, 2004, 20:52):
Is this the same Glen Gilchrist who is living in Quadalajara? Who used to live in Vancouver BC? If this is in fact the Glen Gilchrist that I am looking for, please let me know, this is much easier than writing written mail. I would love to communicate with me Glen, let me know if this is you.
Hello, this is new to me this chiq chaq, but it seems like it would be interesting. You do have the same name as an old friend of mine, I've been in contact with him, he is still in Guadalajara.
I suppose there may be more than one Glen Gilchrist in the world eh? I would be interested in communicating with you, where abouts in the UK do you live? It would make the world seem smaller to me to communicate with someone in the UK. I always wanted to go there when I was a kid and actually inherited some money when I was 19 years old, bought a plane ticket to go to England (and was going to do the Europe thing), but my ticket was for me to leave from Montreal, and that's as far as I made it!
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