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You can edit this side_bar!

To change only the logo of your site, place a GIF image in your $graphics_dir and set the configuration variable $logo to the name of that image (without the "gif" extension).

To change the graphic design you probably only need to edit chiq.css and the images. You can use the file sample.html to see how your design will come out. Make sure to put chiq.css and the images in a sub-directory named $graphics_dir (as they are arranged in the distribution) for sample.html to render correctly.

If you want to make more drastic changes to the graphic design, you can also edit the HTML skins, located at $root_cc_dir/English an $root_cc_dir/Hebrew (where $root_cc_dir is the directory in which you installed Chiq_Chaq). Make sure not to delete words preceded by the $ sign (for example $title) as these are place-holders for the dynamic content of the page.

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