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The contents of the pages are saved in the $data_dir, which is by default $root_cc_dir/chiq (it is defined in the .cf file). The contents of each page are saved in a file with the same name as the page-title, and a .chiq extension. For example, the contents of the page titled home_page are stored in the file home_page.chiq.

So if you want to create an off-site backup, just copy all the *.chiq files from the $data_dir.

If $backup_on_edit is defined as 1 in the .cf file, then the $data_dir/versions contains backups of pages that the users edited. Backup files have an additional extension of the date-time. For example, if the page titled home_page was edited at January 3rd 2002 at 12:34:56, then the backup file that will be created is home_page.chiq.20020103123456.

If $backup_expiry is non-zero then chiq_chaq will purge backup copies of a page that are older than $backup_expiry days automatically whenever it creates a new backup.

Chiq_chaq creates several log files:

  1. $data_dir/view.log contains a log of page views. Each row corresponds to one page view, and contains:
    date-time <tab> user-id <tab> page-title <tab> web-name
    You can use this file to analyze usage patterns. (See Statistics_Engine)

  2. $data_dir/change.log contains a log of page changes. Each row corresponds to one page change, and contains:
    serial# <tab> date-time <tab> user-id <tab> page-title <tab> author-name <tab> change-type
    You can use this file to analyze participation patterns. (See Statistics_Engine)

  3. $root_cc_dir/error.log contains a log of errors, both errors automatically identified by chiq_chaq and errors reported by users using the bug_report page. It is wise to check this file periodically. Each error-record starts with the timestamp of the error, followed by a descriptive string, and then the context of the error.

  4. $root_cc_dir/event.log is created if special unexpected events occur. It is mainly used for debugging purposes.

If you find in the logs errors or events that you can't resolve, you can submit a support request at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=12060&atid=212060

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