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Anonymous_Author (Friday, March 07, 2003, 18:38):
I'm having the same problem with the 'view.html' file error, any resolution yet?
Yonat_Sharon (Friday, March 14, 2003, 18:09):
Sorry it's taking me so long. I still can't reproduce this error. (except by removing view.html from $root_cc_dir/English or supplying an erronuous path to $root_cc_dir)
Anonymous_Author (Thursday, March 27, 2003, 19:53):
If you have hosted your page with a provider like Puretec (Germany), you must be careful with your absolute path in $root_cc_dir. It will not be /chiq_chaq/ but something like /homepages/18/d71233925/htdocs/chiq-chaq/ . You will see your correct absolute path in the error message generated by chiq.pl
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