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You can have several separate chiq_chaq webs (or groups) on the same server by using separate configuration files. The default configuration file is chiq.cf. If you copy it to, say, pronto.cf and edit the copy, you will have a separate group tagged pronto, which you can then access by pointing your browser to http://localhost/cgi-bin/chiq.pl?pronto (assuming cgi-bin is your CGI folder and localhost is your host).

The chiq_chaq distribution includes two groups: chiq (the default group) and heb (a Hebrew group).

Creating a New Group

  1. The easiest way is to make a new configuration file that includes chiq.cf by starting it with:
    do 'chiq.cf';
    And then only overriding necessary configuration variables. You can see examples of this in cgi-bin/heb.cf.

  2. In your configuration file, override the $data_dir, so that your new group will have it's own set of pages. Create this directory under your $root_cc_dir, and copy the default pages to it. (the default pages are the files at $root_cc_dir/chiq/ in the Chiq_Chaq distribution)
    You will also need to override the paths for the group's log files:
    $view_log = $data_dir . 'view.log';
    $change_log = $data_dir . 'change.log';

  3. You will probably want the new group to have its own name, by overriding $logo_title. For example:
    $logo_title = 'Pronto_Web';

  4. If you want the group to have a unique logo, put its logo image in your $graphics_dir, and set the configuration variable $logo to the file name (without the .gif extension). For example:
    $logo = 'moof';

Here is a complete example of a configuration file pronto.cf:

my $ret = do 'chiq.cf';
die("Error doing chiq.cf from pronto.cf: $@") unless defined($ret);

# Paths:
$data_dir   = $root_cc_dir . 'pronto/';
$view_log   = $data_dir . 'view.log';
$change_log = $data_dir . 'change.log';

# Optional Settings:
$logo_title = 'Pronto_Web';
$logo = 'moof';

  1. If you want the entire graphic design for the group to be unique, assign it a separate $graphics_dir and place its graphic files there. See the section on Graphic_Design for details.

  2. Remember to edit the Terms_of_Use if the default ones are not appropriate for the new group.

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