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You can edit this side_bar!

By default, special content and navigational elements are open for editing by all users. This way the interface for changing the site navigation and common content elements is the same as the interface for changing the regular site contents: by adding comments and editing pages.

The following pages affect the entire site content and navigation elements:


The navigational and content elements that appear on all pages can be edited by changing the page Common_Page_Elements. It Allows you to define:
By default, the Common_Page_Elements can be edited by all. This way the community can update it easily and quickly without needing the site administrator. You can avoid this by Restricting_Permissions and make it a static page, so only the admin users will be allowed to edit it.


There is another common content element which is less visible at first: the Add_Messages. These are short texts that appear above the comment text-area when the user starts typing a comment. Their purpose is calm flames, as described in http://web.archive.org/web/20060125010754/http://www.supersonicfeet.com/2005/11/16/have-a-hug/

By default, anyone can add to the collection of Add_Messages by adding a comment to that page. You can avoid this by Restricting_Permissions and make it a static page, so only the admin users will be allowed to change it.


Teasers are short quotes from pages, and each time a user views a page a random teaser is selected and shown above the page title. You can learn more about teasers in the page Chiq_Chaq_Teasers.
If the teasers page becomes too long, you can divide it to several pages, as long as they all have titles that start with "Chiq_Chaq_Teasers". Chiq_Chaq will look at all these pages for teasers to show.

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