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The chosen name of a software company that never came to be. I think it's a nifty name though. So if you want to use it please contact me axlen@axlen.com and we can discuss the trademark rights. Okay okay, I'm not trying to use this site for personal gain or profit. I just want to try this wiki out and see how it works, but I might as well put something interesting to read while I do so. This is a Personal_Home_Page.
Just trying out some of the formating features... So far so good.
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A simple set of formating conventions is nice. But I wonder if this Wiki will have the features I might need for documenting the IT infrastucture of each site within our company. It would be nice to embed Visio drawings and be able to edit them in the browser. Hmmm, sounds like an MS Sharepoint Server might work out better.
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