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test } ing and re�lly_n?w_links?
uilleam_og (Friday, November 15, 2002, 14:34):
i qu� tal els links_amb?_�edilla o els links_amb_e?�e?
Yonat_Sharon (Friday, November 15, 2002, 16:22):
See internationalization_and_localization for information on allowing foreign characters in link words.
Hacmac (Monday, June 23, 2003, 23:36):

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
print "Enter your name: ";
my $name = <>;
print "Hi $name! Good to see you!\n";
Anonymous_Author (Wednesday, November 26, 2003, 19:30):

void foobar( int s ) {
   return 0;

Anonymous_Author (Wednesday, November 26, 2003, 19:30):
Standard WikiLinks?
Now how does this stuff work? Interesting it seems. is_this_a_link? ?







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test4 test5 test6
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