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The statistics engine is implemented as an active_content plug-in, so tables or lists with statistic data can be embedded inside chiq_chaq pages. For examples see the page chiq_chaq_statistics and the pages linked from it. The included active content is calculated by the script stats.pl (located at $root_cc_dir/include).

To save you the trouble of finding the arguments to stats.pl, you can use the page advanced_statistics to create statistical queries and find their corresponding include lines. Check the "Show command line" checkbox to see the include directive, and then just copy it to any chiq_chaq page to embed the table in it.

You can also access the raw data in XML or CSV format, using the CGI script chiq_stats_data.pl in your cgi-bin or Scripts directory. You can use the form in advanced_statistics to find the exact URL query - just change the format combo-box to CSV or XML and copy the URL from the command-line.

Active chiq_chaq webs can accumulate fairly large log files, and the statistical calculations may take a while. To avoid waiting each time for the results, the statistic engine caches them in XML files inside the $data_dir. Recalculation only occurs if these files are more than a day old (you can specify a different value).

To make things even more efficient, the CGI script refresh_chiq_stats.pl can be called at any time to update the stale statistics cache files, and purge those that were not used recently. You may want to run it automatically (using cron or Task Scheduler service) every 15 minutes or so - on most runs all the cache files will be fresh and so it will exit without delay.

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