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Categorizing pages is used to mark pages of a specific sort or subject. This can be useful:
To categorize a page just add the category page name anywhere in the page you want to categorize.
If you want to link to a category page without inadvertently categorizing the current page, wrap the name of the category page in underscores, like this _Personal_Home_Page_.

When creating a new category:

  1. Try to title it with a name that ends in "_Page", so that it would be easy to find all categorized pages.
  2. Create a new page for the category, that explains what it is and where to use it.
  3. Mark the category page with "Category_Page".
  4. At the bottom add the following line to show the list of pages in the category:
    right This site has [->refs.pl?refs=$title&text=pages of type] left

See also: wiki:WikiCategories.

This site has 3 pages of type Category_Page:


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