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You are invited to contribute to the site not only as writers, but also as editors. This way you can improve not only the site's content, but also its organization and general look and feel. As in any site, after a while you find things that could have been done better. Here, the site expects you to fix them yourselves, to participate in the editing as well.

To edit a page just click the Edit entire page link on the bottom-right of each page (inside the yellow area). This will present the enitre content of the page in an editable text area. Note that each comment that was added to the page appears inside curly braces – when you edit the page make sure you do not accidentally delete these braces, otherwise the page will look strange.

When you edit a page you are responsible not only for your own words, but also for all other people that contributed to that page. Even if it looks easy to change, delete, or improve the text, please remember that there is a person behind these words, a person that you cannot change or improve. For this person, the way you treat his or her words is the way you treat him or her, and it may affect the way this person treats you. So when you edit, try to treat what others said with respect, sensitivity, and empathy:

To learn more about editing techniques, see wiki:RefactoringWikiPages.
Where is this "edit entire page" link??
In this particular installation, edit is disabled for anonymous users. You will be to see the edit link after you add non-anonymous comment.
I added a non-anonymous content to my chiq wiki, but there is no "edit entire page" link anywhere.
Maybe your cookies are disabled?
In this particular installation, edit is disabled for anonymous users.
How can I change this in my own installation? I want to let everyone edit every page, without having to post a non-anonymous comment.
I've found a workaround: comment line 145 in chiq.pl ("push @disabled_actions, qw(edit rename delete) unless is_author($user_id) && lc($default_user_name) ne lc($user_name);") out.
Is there a more elegant way to do this?

BTW, I really like the way Chiq Chaq is built. The fusion of wiki-features and forum-features seems promising IMHO.

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