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Welcome to the chiq_chaq community site! flower

Chiq_chaq is a tool for gathering and organizing the collective knowledge of a group. It is a powerful wiki (everyone's-an-editor) publishing engine coupled with a friendly graphic interface. It's straighforward to install, requiring only perl and a CGI-capable Unix or Windows web server, and it's simple for your end-users to learn. It has been deployed around the globe for office intranets, community bulletin boards, sports fan sites... (see Chiq_Chaq_Kudos for more.) The full, free software is available at SourceForge .

Here you can discuss, connect, and take part in the creation of this site, which exists to support chiq users and developers and to demonstrate chiq's functionality. Words_with_underscores are links to other pages in the site. You are welcome to follow them, and to add your own words using the box at the bottom of each page.

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