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See also list of reasons for getting Internal_Server_Error and solutions.
Hed (Wednesday, November 26, 2003, 19:48):
i get on iis :
Software error:
Error reading view skin in /chiq_chaq/English/: No such file or directory at c:\inetpub\scripts\chiq.pl line 798.
For help, please send mail to this site's webmaster, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

although when doing
i get a proper page.
any idea?

Yonat_Sharon (Wednesday, November 26, 2003, 22:56):
$root_cc_dir is the absolute path. For you it is probably something like /InetPub/wwwroot/chiq_chaq/English/. (Of course, it is not necessary to put it under InetPub.)
Eldeh (Sunday, January 04, 2004, 03:03):
I'm running Apache2 with Perl 5.8.0 on Linux and got after the a correct installation the following error when accessing chiq.pl:

Premature end of script headers: chiq.pl

The problem was, that the chiq-chaq files for use in /cgi-bin/ were written in DOS format (\r\n at the end of each line). After coverting them to UNIX style files with dos2unix, the problem disappeared. But I did not test, whether one have really to convert all chiq-chaq files in cgi-bin to UNIX style.

vish (Friday, March 12, 2004, 20:10):

an instalation problem and a solution

If recent_changes doesn't work when browsing with mozilla firefox (or other mozillas) but works in IE then this is most likely an xml problem. the server isn't set up to serve xsl as xml.
  1. if you are root, change the "mime.types" file add a type xsl to be treated as xml
  2. if you are not, you can add a .htaccess file containing the "addtype " directive.
(i'll write the exact syntax in soon)
When I try to install ChiqChaq on my site http://tase.ev-en.org/cgi-bin/chiq.pl it works for English, if I try to use the hebrew group as in: http://tase.ev-en.org/cgi-bin/chiq.pl?group=heb the site gives an error:

Problem decoding page title: דף_פתיחה query string

How do I solve this? Also, how do I make the hebrew group the default?

The server is a Debian GNU/Linux machine running with Apache 1.3.

The problem is probably with the $locale setting. Try doing a locale -a at the sell prompt, to see which locales are installed on your server. Then change the $locale setting in heb.cf to one of them – probably "he" or "iw" or something similar.

There are two ways to make the default group in Hebrew:

  1. Rename chiq.cf to eng.cf; rename heb.cf to chiq.cf; edit heb.cf and change all the occurences of "chiq.cf" to "eng.cf" (there are only two such occurences).
  2. Copy the settings from heb.cf into chiq.cf and paste them instead of the original settings. You must be careful not to delete settings that do not appear in heb.cf.
Thanks, the hebrew now works (the locale is he_IL), and hebrew works as a default.

The problem I have now is that all file names were mangled on opening the tar.gz so I don't have any default page to start the site with, I'll work through the page contents and rename or recreate the pages.

It's taken me a long time to get back to it, but I can't seem to find a way to properly rename the hebrew file names.

Can someone provide the files with their names in ISO-8859-8 encoding and not Unicode? When perl tries to work with the files it uses hebrew encoding and not UTF-8 encoding.

Alternatively, instructions on how to make perl go for the UTF-8 encoded filenames would be just as helpful.

I just uploaded all the chiq_chaq files, following the instructions of the "readme" file present in the package, to my server at amisrael.net/chiq_chaq/.
I followed the instructions, got sure of having all the permissions set....
when I get to www.amisrael.net/cgi-bin/chiq.pl, I get the following error: "Software error:
Error reading view skin in /chiq_chaq/English/: No such file or directory at chiq.pl line 798.
For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([email protected]), giving this error message and the time and date of the error. "
anyone here having a good idea on the matter?
thanx in advance,


I keep trying.... could anyone help me? I followed all the instructions punctually, and now at chiq.pl I get the following error>
"Software error:
Error reading view skin in /chiq_chaq/English/: No such file or directory at chiq.pl line 798.",
and I can't get out of it sad
thanx in advance,


It seems that the file view.html does not exist on your server int the directory /chiq_chaq/English/. Probably you have put the chiq_chaq files somewhere else, and need to set the value of $root_cc_dir accordingly. For example, if you have put the chiq_chaq files in /some_dir/chiq_chaq/ then you should edit chiq.cf so that it will say
$root_cc_dir = '/some_dir/chiq_chaq/';
My ISP has some restrictions on permissions:
I have execution permission only on /cgi-bin folder, and writing permission only on /public folder...is somehow possible to setup chiq_chaq in order to write and read on a different folder?


Just put $root_cc_dir in your public dir, and put the contents of cgi-bin in your cgi-bin dir. Then edit chiq.cf (in your cgi-bin dir) and change the value of the variable $root_cc_dir to the absolute path fo where you put the chiq_chaq files.
now it works!
thank you Yonat, and thanks to all the developers...you're great! happy


Yonat, I put up on www.kaima.org (AOKWebHost.com) and get same error as the others here: Error reading view skin in /chiq_chaq/English/: No such file or directory at chiq.pl line 798.
How do I know absolute path. I only have access thru ftp and thru CPanel (a web program). We had to change all files and directories manually (!) to permission 755....
when entered ftp, (with filezilla) I see LINK called www, which brings me to public_html.
Under this dir I see the cgi-bin etc.
Moshe Hi,
You really do need to caontact the tech support and ask them.
Another thing you can try is to upload the following script, which will tell you the absolute path of your CGI script:

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print __FILE__;
OK Thanks! Will try!
Lost this web page, and finally found it. (Thats the page I meant on the Heb site, not the readme.txt....)
Similar to many above probs I'm getting the following error when trying to access the .pl file:
Software error:

Configuration problems found - please check chiq.cf:
root_cc_dir points to an invalid directory '/chiq_chaq/'.
users_dir points to an invalid directory '/chiq_chaq/users/'.
skin_dir points to an invalid directory '/chiq_chaq/English/'.
include_dir points to an invalid directory '/chiq_chaq/include/'.

I have tried a variety of paths but none will work. The chiq_chaq directory is at the root level and named correctly (assuming those are "q") but no matter how I do it, always get the error. The scripts clearly can't find my cc directory but I have no idea how to get it to do so?!
Any ideas?

Probably you root dir is not your server's real root dir. Try this script to find out what is your real path:


use File::Basename;
use CGI;

print CGI::header();
print dirname(__FILE__);
First, thanks for a great product.

I worked quite hard, as Baruch tried to do above, to make it work with Hebrew on a linux box.
The problem seems to be with unzip on linux, which has a hardcoded assumption that
the filenames are cp850 encoded and converts this to iso8859-1. This causes the actually
cp862 (DOS Hebrew) filenames to keep some of their letters, as some of the convertion is
the same, and loose some.
In light of the above, and managed to partially-automatically have the complete default Hebrew
site work under linux, and created a tar.gz with the contents. What is the right place to put this
file? You can find it, at least for the near future, at http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~didi/chiq-1.6.1.tar.gz .
I even kept the timestamps on the files the same, as a small excersize ...

I also tried for 1-2 hours to convert the whole Hebrew site to utf-8, but it didn't work for me and
I currently quit. Did anyone else try this? I think this is the way to go, eventually - have only a single
encoding utf-8.

it is amazing that i have come looking for the answer that you have posted 3 hours ago on this webpage that updates 3 times a year
I had a problem with my windows installation of chiq_chaq 1.61,
resulted in non-functioning search , personal_home_page showing 0 results,
and that sort of things.
(linux installation of the same release was fine).

It appears that the glob function inside the function below, didnt work well from within apache,
due to spaces in the chiq_chaq path.
Running glob with the $file_spec from a command line shell (perl -e "print glob '...'") worked well,
So it's probably apache related.
I solved my problem for now by replacing spaces with '?'.
This is good only if there is no ambiguity in the path.
Ugly but working patch.
If someone has a cleaner solution - please honk.

sub all_titles
    my $file_spec = title2path('*');
    my $start = index($file_spec, '*');
    my $end = length($file_spec) - $start - 1;

    #replace that
    #$file_spec =~ s/ /\ /g;
    #with that
    $file_spec =~ s/ /\?/g;

    my @files = glob($file_spec);
    return sort grep {!$hidden{$_}} map {substr($_, $start, 0-$end)} @files;
I tried to install 1.6 on a unix hosting and i get
[Mon Oct 16 22:40:34 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /home/shonyorg/public_html/cgi-bin/chiq.pl
(The hosting is apache on linux)

I understand "Premature end of script headers:" is not too informative.
I struggled to to install perl locally to test my installation - but igive up after the second mod_perl that i download that doesn't match my apache (2.0.59)
Any idea?

i checked that perl is installed well on the server with some "hello world" example
I tried with 1.5 - but still the same error.
So it must be something i'm missing.


Make sure you convert all the text files to Unix format. (Your FTP client is supposed to do that, unless you use the bultin Windows FTP.)
How do you say "Amechaye" in english?
tnx alot - it was exactly this. (i wouldn't have forgotten 5 years ago)
I converted them manually using textpad in the end because smartftp wouldn't convert them on the move. (maybe it can be parametrised somewhere)
Here is my link - starting to grow it slowly.

Some other question:

  1. How can i get rid of the param - configure heb to be the default group
  2. In firefox - i have a wider page then the one i have in IE. I just entered and saw it happens in Beofen as well, so it's not an installation issue
Are you familiar with this issue.

Again tnx, alot

First: Mazal Tov on the new site!

As to your questions:

  1. You can just copy the contents of heb.cf into chiq.cf (assuming you don't host English groups). If you do it carefuly, you can delete some of the contents of chiq.cf after that, but you don't have to.
  2. Not sure what you mean. What happens if you just resize the window?
For anybody without a shell access to his hosting account, I would recommend http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpterm/ or other similar scripts (google php AND shell, or: php AND terminal etc.) However the above mentioned works just grate, extremely simple to install, and not secure enough happy
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