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Some reasons for getting Internal Server Error with chiq_chaq, and solutions:

  1. End-of-line convention.
    Cause: If you got the zip distribution, then all the files are in DOS format (using CRLF as end-of-line marker). Unix and MacOS servers frown upon this.
    Solution: Convert all the files in the distribution – except the GIF files – to Unix or MacOS format.

  2. Perl location.
    Cause: Unix uses the first line of chiq.pl to determine what to execute it with. Currently, it points to /usr/bin/perl. But if the Perl executable is in a different location, this will cause an error.
    Solution: Change the first line of chiq.pl to the correct path of your Perl executable.

  3. Missing modules.
    Cause: chiq.pl uses several modules, and expects them to be in the same directory (the CGI directory). If it cannot find them there, it will not work.
    Solution: Make sure all the files from the cgi-bin directory in the chiq_chaq distribution are copied into your CGI directory.

  4. Perl version.
    Cause: Chiq_chaq uses some Perl language constructs that are only supported by Perl version 5.6 and up. So if your server has an older version of Perl, chiq_chaq fails.
    Solution: Download the fix from SourceForge.
    To check your version of perl, run this CGI script:

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "Perl version: $]";
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