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I'm playing around with some Wiki engines at the moment. With it's help I want to set up a small tech support database in our company. Also something for me at home to keep me organized. At the moment I use Windows but plan to switch to Debian LINUX. Therefore I'm on search for something individual that is plattformindependent.
I found chiq_chaq which has a very proffesional look and is very easy to install. Though I miss some features that would be very nice to have. E.g. underlined text (I found already a solution for that)
I like also the "_" separation of words in the titles. This improves readability very much!

I tried also Twiki (which I did not get working, I don't use Apache as Webserver). It seems to be extremly complicated to install.
I took also a close look to UseMod i.e. OddMuse. Those have a lot of features which would be great if some of them could be implemented into chiq_chaq too. Those work but are not really good-looking.

Nice Features of chiq_chaq I miss at the moment and would need for the "work"-project: (I would change the sources myself to get this stuff working but I have no idea of PERL!)

I'll keep looking at the code maybe I'll find out, where this has to be added.

You can reach me via [email protected]
(My Hompage is not ready yet, could still take some time)


Yonat_Sharon (Wednesday, March 05, 2003, 19:47):
Hi Karl,
You can get monospaced text {{like this}}. And for me, just typing/pasting the Unicode chars into the textarea works fine, when they are part of the specified $charset.
Martin_Hgh (Saturday, April 05, 2003, 14:12):
( just trying unicode in danish )
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