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This community site is being written and edited by the site users, using a software program called chiq_chaq.

Basic Usage
Words_with_underscores are links to pages within the site. Click them to reach a page with that name.
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Participating within the Site
This site wants you to take part in its evolution. This is the only way it can live. If you have something to say, go to the bottom of the page and write it in the yellow area.
After you click the "Add" button, your words will be added to the bottom of the page. You are now part of the site!
If you see a question mark following your name, consider it an invitation to create your own personal_home_page.
When you are active participants in the site, try to keep your manners, and generally be a good_chiq_chaq_citizen.

If you add more than a few sentences, try to separate your text to paragraphs, so it will be easier to read. You can also add basic formatting to your text, such as bold words or italic words, adding emoticons_in_chiq_chaq, images, and of course links. Check the Show help checkbox at the bottom-left of each page for further formatting options. You may wish to experiment with different formats in the play_ground.


Adding Pages
To add a new page to the site, go to the bottom of the current page and write what you have to say in the yellow box. Before you press "Add", change the content of the "Page" field to the new page name you want to add. After you press the "Add" button the new page will be added to the site, and will contain your text.
Try to choose a suitable_page_name. You may also wish to add links to this new page in other related pages within the site.

To edit any page just click the Edit entire page link at the bottom-right of that page. For more details see: Editing_chiq_chaq.
You can also create Page_Redirection from one page to another.

Further Information
The above explanations are not enough? Add your question at the bottom of this page to get help from other participants in this site.
If this is still no enough, you can submit a support request to the developers of chiq_chaq.

Frank_Spade (Saturday, April 12, 2003, 20:21):
Yonat, is there a way to break your poem format (two columns) without inserting a visible line or makeing a text line longer then x (was it 40) characters?
Yonat_Sharon (Saturday, April 12, 2003, 22:16):
Just add lots of spaces after some of the lines, to make them longer than 49 characters.
Does chiq chaq have a Version History feature for a page? If not how can users revert spam attacks and other vandalism? See http://wiki.chongqed.org//VersionHistory
To go back to previous versions, click on the "Edit entire page" link, than check the "Show versions" box and select the date of the desired version.
Ah yes. A checkbox. How odd. It seems to work OK though, but does it discard old revisions after a time?

Cleaning up wiki spam, I was not able to rescue any content from this wiki: w w w.ultrasaurus.com/cgi-bin/chiq/chiq.cgi?flashcom_wiki (deliberately not linked properly) I guess the legitimate version of the page was eventually disgarded by the software right?

Take a look at this wiki. This is a ghost town full of spam running chiq chaq software. Wiki software developers should think about solutions to this problem. Lazy administators install your software then dont bother paying any attention to it, and the result is a ghost town playing host to spam links, and encouraging spammers (which is then a problem for the active wiki community).

Anyway thanks for answering my question so quickly. Maybe the "Show versions" textbox should be mentioned somewhere above. (Feel free to move this text somewhere more appropriate too)

does it discard old revisions after a time?
When ever you edit a page, versions older than 30 days are deleted. (this is admin-configurable, btw – see Chiq_Chaq_Configuration)
adding a comment does not affect the backup versions.

sorry about you wiki. sad

It's not my wiki.... If it was I would shut it down. That's my point. See ghost town.
Can I create a link by using a single word (no underscores....)?
Sorry, no. But you can easily add single_word_linking to the script.
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