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You can edit this side_bar!

To add emotion images just type the appropriate sequence of symbols:

happy :-)
sad :-(
cry :'(
stam :-|
tilted :-/
phased :-S
oh :-0
tongue :-P
hilarious :-D
blink ;-)
blush :-]
mischievous >:)
mad >:(
cool 8-)
yummy :-9
yawn |-0
hug (())
hug-sad ((-))
sleep ZZZ
flower {@
kiss {} or }{
star |*|
hot |H|
heart |L|
broken |U|
yes |Y|
not |N|
right |>|
left |<|
sep |#|
warning |!|
carrot |carrot|
cake |cake|
present |present|
balloons |balloons|
baby |baby|
chick |chick|
palm |palm|
tree |tree|
bulb |bulb|
idea |idea|
liar |liar|
hurray |hurray|
1hand |1hand|
banghead |darn|


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