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What Is Page Redirection?
If a page contains redirection to another page, then when you go to the first page Chiq_Chaq will automatically take you to the other page.
Redirection has several uses:
Creating A Redirection
To redirect Source_Page to Target_Page, edit the Source_Page (as explained in Editing_Chiq_Chaq), delete all the page content, and type only the title of the Target_Page. That's it!

Removing Or Changing A Redirection
When you are redirected to some target page, you'll see above the title a frame with the name of the source page that you were redirected from. Clicking this name will allow you to edit the redirection.
Another way to do this is to use the lists bellow – click on title of redirected pages (those with the pencil icon) to edit them.

Redirected Pages:
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Redirection Target Pages:
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