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A page name must contain two or more words separated by underscores instead of normal spaces. Chiq_chaq identifies words_with_underscores as a page name, and creates a link to the appropriate page. The words may contain letters, digits and apostrophe (').

A good name describes the content of the page unequivocally. Such a name increases the probability of attracting people that are interested in the page's subject, and decreases the inconvinience of people who are not interested in it. A name like personal_water_recycling_system is much better than a name like response_to_john.

If you think that a single word is enough to describe the subject of the page then try to see if it can be more precisely described using an additional word. For example, if you want to create a page about Turkey, then it may be more suitable to name it Turkey_country (to distinguish it from turkey_meat, for example).

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