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like speech that leaves your mouth and anybody can do with it whatever they like. (in terms_of_use)
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"In Rome act like a Roman" says the proverb. For any site and location – even a virtual one – there are ways of acting and behaving that keep that site's character. It is not possible to phrase such manners in a formal way, but here is a shot at drawing some guidelines:

Read before you respond. Exactly like you would not enter a house and immediately barge into a conversation taking place, same here: you are better off reading first what others have said and only then respond. One of the advantages of this medium is that you can write your reponse immediately – without pressing the "Add" button – and then continue reading the rest of the page. After you read it all you can decide if your response is worth adding as is, or to change it first, or not to add it at all.

Keep good order. For the site not to become a chaos of ideas and stories, try to put everything in the right place. If you want to write something differing by subject from the current page, open a new page with a suitable_page_name. Still, think time and again before you create a personal_home_page for someone else � it is a bit like you build a house for someone: On one hand a respectful action, while on the other hand an infrigment of this person's private domain. Also, it is enough to write something once � there is no need to duplicate it in different pages.

Listen to youselves. Before you add something, read it again. This habit will let you fix typos, as well as save you from embarassing slip of tounges in the midst of flaming discussions.

Give others credit. Even if you think some specific response indicate stupidity or malice, try to assume that it is merely a lack of knowledge or misunderstanding. Try to find a way to fill in the missing information or solve the misunderstanding.

Respect the words of others. Even if you think some particular statement should be erased, try to find a way to change the page without erasing this statement, or maybe move it to a different – more appropriate – location (and insert a link to it from the original page).

Soft-spoken words tend to calm fury. Found yourself in the midst of a raging discussion? Try to let go and not scratch the other side's itches. Instead of explaining your view once again, try to ask about the other side's view. Instead of showing where the other side is wrong, try to find situations in which their statements have value. Instead of beating the other side, try and find a common ground.

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